IRPC provides basic public utility services along with public utility systems. It generates and distributes power, industrial water, and air systems; provides wastewater treatment for industrial customers and EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand); and provides other business services in support of full business operations.

Like other industrial estates, utilities are of sufficient volumes with high quality standards. Above all, our businesses must stay sustainably alongside communities, society, and the surroundings. Below are our public utility systems:

  • Electrical

    Electricity Systems: 22-kV power and 115-kV power etc.

  • Steam

    Steam Systems: 25-bar steam and 45-bar steam etc.

  • Water Supply

    Water Supply Systems: filtered water,demineralized water,

    cooling water, raw water and firefighting water

  • Air Supply

    Air Supply Systems: nitrogen, plant air and instrument air

  • Waste Water Treatment

    A Biological Waste Water Treatment System efficient standard